Chainable Mixer WIP


Chainable Mixer v0.1.audulus (229.5 KB)

Based on the CGM series by Frap Tools:

Neat idea to build a modular mixer - no unused channels or short by 1 channel! This work in progress features a channel, bus, and master.

Just put your signal into the channel mixer at the > input, and send the > output to the chain input.

Things to improve:

  1. Real VU Meter on Master (I think I can clip it out of @stschoen’s design?)
  2. Pre/post fader send/return
  3. Ability to chain multiple busses (haven’t figured this out yet - might be only able to do 2, since we’re limited to a quad signal, and each bus uses 2.

In Audulus 4, we’ll have much better handling of stereo/multichannel I/O. Not sure how we’re going to implement it yet, but having to have a left and right output on stereo modules is annoying and unelegant.


Feel free to use the guts of the VU I put together. I tried to model the IEEE ballistics as closely as I could. The only real difference is I set the 0 dB reference at a signal level of -1 to 1 peak to peak since that’s our clip level. The spec is clip at +6 dB, but an occasional clip on an analog mixer is much less audible than a hard digital clip and our noise floor is much lower.
uVU meter stereo V1.1.audulus (24.2 KB)

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Just going to bump this…There are so many modules scattered. Easy to miss them. Seems like a chainable mixer should be a core module! Such a good idea.

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