Can I apply Audulus on electric violin?

Hi! I am new to Audulus 3 and sound engineering. I am very excited to explore the features of Audulus! Instead of keyboard, can I use real time electric violin playing as input and alter its sound on Audulus? Thanks!

Hi Helena, Welcome to the Forum. Audulus has support for audio inputs so assuming you have a way to get the signal from your violin in to your computer or iPad, you can certainly process it with Audulus.


Hi there!
For later people who might be interested in connecting an external instrument to Audulus, here are the steps:

  1. use an audio interface to connect your electric violin to computer (I bought a relatively cheap audio interface on Amazon for $50)
  2. select your external instrument as input (instead of Mac built-in speaker) in Mac system preference->sound->input
  3. Go to Audulus, select the audio input node in library and connect it to speaker node and you can hear it from your laptop speaker!