Build Request: Mixer with CV Mutes

I really like the 8 channel mixer in the reface library. I am thinking that the easiest way to arrange some patches would be to setup clock dividers to trigger the mutes on a mixer. Can someone hack this module?


Or just give me some direction on where the trigger input button node/modules are.

8 Channel Mixer CV mutes.audulus (61.1 KB)

Here you go.


This module paired with the Master Clock from the Reface Library as well as Automation Lane work well as Audulus “song mode.”

I am wondering if it is possible to have it so that if you have a mute on, then you feed it a gate it will turn the mute off. Presently one can only apply a mute, but not disengage one on a latched button.

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When I build a toggle with a modulation input, I use an XOR gate to connect them. That way the gate changes the button’s state. If the toggle is on, the gate turns it off and if the toggle is off then the gate turns it on. Here’s an example:
Toggle with XOR.audulus (2.9 KB)

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The fine art of flip flopping in the non-political sense :slight_smile: