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I discovered a patch by Paul Robinson on patchstorage, a Demux16! Great. Now I,m well on my way to creating a Mux12 or more. However I,m stuck. Could really use some guide how reverse the Demux into a Mux. Hope to hear from you! Cheers,

Hi Stanley

The basic Idea is:
Use the same select signal for multiple mux nodes and then take only the output of one mux node depending on the value of the select signal.


  • one select signal (0-15.999) for two mux nodes
  • If the select signal is < 8 use the output of one mux and if its >= 8 use the output of the other one.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll get into that!

Herer’s a collection of some logic utility modules I created. There are a number of muxes and demuxes you can open up and inspect.
Basic Logic Modules V1.5.audulus (2.4 MB)

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Thanks! This is great! It really is a step foreward in my learning process. Thanks again! Cheers,