Binaural Beat Oscillator

Binaural Beat Oscillator

This is a stereo oscillator that can create binaural beats at a given bpm.

The math behind it is very similar to that of an analog frequency shifter and was outlined by the user u/Vortigo on reddit, and adapted for Audulus so that one input in a 1/Oct signal and the other is a BPM number. The result are two sine waves that will beat at the BPM tempo in an acoustic space or on headphones.


Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Binaural Beat Osc.audulus (9.4 KB) 12/07/2018

neat idea!

Binaural Chill Vibes.audulus (508.9 KB)

Here is a stereo patch I made because I started to wonder what the binaural oscillator would sound like with a little wave shaping and filtering. At some point I added too much reverb as well, which masks some of the clicking that is otherwise present from stepped modulation.

I recommend listening on headphones or well separated speakers.