Big project proposal!


We should make all of the basic modules for each big historic brand of modular synths:

Moog, Buchla, Roland, ARP, Serge

We don’t have to necessarily aim for the same exact sound, but stick to the workflow of each system.

This might be a better project to undertake once A4 has come out since we’ll have more options for nodes and normalization, but something to think about…


For Buchla, ARP, and Serge normalization is going to be a real sticking point. Otherwise I think this should be quite possible.


I was think about this a bit today. What if you went with the most basic elements necessary for each system, like 3 or 4 modules, that can be utilized together to create unique sounds/tools. You would probably want some distinct graphic theme for each, but I bet it is pretty easy to repurpose so any parts already around. Probably mostly a matter of presenting the appropriate arrangements and interfacing.