Best sounding Audulus reverb?

So far all the reverbs I’ve tried in Audulus sound pretty “meh”. Reverb node, Spring Reverb module, Stereo Reverb module, and the uVerb all sound too metallic and delayish to my taste. I wouldn’t care much about having a good Audulus reverb if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m trying to prototype a FX module that relies heavily on reverb. It doesn’t have to sound like Valhalla, but I want something that can go into black hole territory and with a diffusion control. Stereo not required.


My favorite is in the new Library Reface thread - download the zip it’s in there. Really Humungous Reverb.


I like that it was originally called “Really Serious,” then “Fairly Humorous,” and finally “Really Humongous.”

I actually like RH verb and @stschoen’s uVerb so much I have started using them in Ableton.

reverbs.audulus (165.1 KB)

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this reverb takes a bit of fiddling but is sounds alright! for some reason it gets to delayish as Size goes up. I haven’t looked inside but it sounds like a bunch of delay taps getting spaced out as the Size parameter increases. But with small size an long decay it sounds pretty smooth and oceanic! Perfect for what I’m making :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That, plus a whole bunch of all-pass filters doing magical things.

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I’ve never been totally happy with the uVerb. It’s based on a 1962 paper “Natural Sounding Artificial Reverberation” by M. R. Schroeder Natural Sounding Artificial Reverberation.pdf (787.0 KB)
The individual all pass reverberators work OK, but I was never very happy with the chain and all-pass mixer. I’ve played around with it a bit from time to time but it’s never improved enough to re-post. The various iterations of the RH verb are pretty nice. The spread echo I posted a few weeks back from a suggestion by @biminiroad has some possibilities for emulating a spring reverb. Basically it splits the frequency bands and introduces a different delay and feedback value for each band

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