Bela Salt: A possible avenue for Audulus Eurorack Module?

It might be possible to use this module as a launchpad for Audulus. It would probably require a lot of programming on @Taylor’s part, and we’re not sure we can do it (or if the hardware can run Audulus), but it’s an interesting platform nonetheless.

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It’s got a Linux Kernel and can be programmed in C++ so it’s at least possible Audulus could be ported. Of course it’s comparable in cost to an iPad. Still it would be pretty cool

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hello i am a long time linux programmer/hacker C, C++ Pure Data, Super Collider Python and Perl in the old days
I would love to get audulus playing well on my Linux box
currently ubuntu 64
Dual Nvidia Quadros
Berenger FCA 610 JAck
I would love to get Audulus working on linux with grand schemes of it working inside bitwig

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You should be able to use Audulus on Linux Bitwig with a VST. Have you downloaded Audulus yet?

i sent an email to support. I am no longer using Macintosh so i was hopeful i might be able to shift my license. Is there a link for the linux version or a free demo?

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We can’t transfer licenses like that - it would amount to violating the ToS for the App Store, since you’d essentially have bought Audulus outside the App Store and then get an App Store copy later.

It sounds like you just want to move from Mac to Linux, but it would be different if you had designs on making an Audulus Linux hardware box like this Bela one and requested a comp’d copy with the understanding that you’d be posting a tutorial or how-to for other users to make their own versions of what you make. See what I mean?

i just saw this and i was really interested in making stuff work from BitWig Linux64 because it’s lacking some thiings that i think i can make very easily in Audulus, which i of course would share

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Yeah in that case you’ll have to purchase it separately, sorry!


If we sold a universal license for Audulus, it would be more expensive - at least $100. This way people only pay for the version they want. Each version takes time to develop and so needs to make its own money somehow.

Knowing that, it’s a pretty reasonable deal, no?

i would rather pay the 100$ and be able to move it but i work cross platform alot
i don’t mean to derail this thread with a support issue, but paying for linux software has to provide me something that i cannot make by myself for example: BitWig because of it’s size and scope its beyond something i can write in pure data [pd] or make in cabbage [csound] And i think i bought Audulus 2 and then v3 not sure about that but i think so, that’s why i asked if there was a demo so i can confirm it works. I am going to assume its a binary, right?

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If it doesn’t work on your Distro I can just give you a refund :slight_smile:

fair enough

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hey it crackles with jack on all examples except the most simple and runs between 44% and 90%
i tried with jack on several settings with not changes
bootstrap for example stays around 45% on this machine Dual Quad Core 64GBRAM and Dual Nvidia Quadros with a Low Latency Kernel
can you refund me please?

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Yeah just send me an email to - I’ll be deleting these comments shortly to clear up this thread - hope that’s ok!

Do you want a video or something of performance?

No i just need to know what your email is so I can find your order and refund it :+1:

thanks i thought for sure with Linux shree-linux2 4.4.0-116-lowlatency #140-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Feb 12 22:41:05 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
audio would be great and i have a Nvidia K4200 4GB card for visuals so i think it just needs a re-compile.

Thanks Mark