AUv3 Update



The AUv3 is getting close!

We’ve noticed that some AUv3 hosts haven’t optimized their graphics, causing quite a slowdown when running the Audulus AUv3. Most AUs don’t render at 60fps with Metal like Audulus does, so this isn’t surprising.

Hosts that have the bug:

  • AUM (fix forthcoming)
  • apeMatrix (assisting developer)
  • ModStep (contacted, no reply yet)
  • BeatMaker 3
  • auria

Hosts that don’t have the bug:

  • GarageBand (though we are experiencing other issues with GarageBand)
  • AudioBus
  • Cubasis

So we’ll be contacting each of the developers to get them to fix the issue (it’s a fairly easy fix).


Cubasis for the win!


Any word on Auria?


@robertsyrett Auria also has the bug. Updating the list.


This is going to be amazing! Thanks for keeping up the work on this masterpiece. Based on a different thread I just read, it looks like it will be AU instrument and effect!! This is huge. Only, I usually use AUM so I’ll have to wait for the fix for better CPU usage. I do have Cubasis though.


@DMan The AUM developer, Jonatan Liljedahl, is very good. He’s already fixed it in beta, so I would expect his fix out soon :slight_smile:


I’ve been very impressed with AUM. It’s definitely the best iOS mixer and routing software around. I’m hoping @taylor will implement multichannel I/O through AUM at some point.


and, at the same time, allow for the I/O of the ES-8 to be used. Oh, that would be the dream. :cloud::cloud::cloud:


The Audulus AU supports multichannel I/O. How should I test that with AUM?


I don’t currently have any AU based apps that support multichannel I/O using AUM, but for IAA based apps, when you are selecting a node in AUM, multi-channel apps show up with Multiple Ports in the detail field and a > disclosure symbol at the right of the cell. When you select the app as a node, another table appears where you can select the channel. The apps that I currently have that support multi-channel are Loopy HD, StudioMux, ThumbJam and ToneStack. Multichannel hardware works in a similar fashion. I would assume that AU based apps work the same way, but I have no way to verify that. The AUM documentation states that it supports multichannel I/O but doesn’t go into further detail.


Assuming that the ES-8 works with AUM, it should be possible to route some channels from the ES-8 to Audulus and some to other apps. In fact that should be possible now, although you could only route 2 channels to Audulus since we’re currently limited to a single stereo pair. I don’t know if AUM will support DC passthrough however. If you don’t currently have AUM, you should consider acquiring it. It’s without a doubt the very best iOS mixer/router on the market. It supports multiple routes, mid/side processing, side chaining, effects buses, latency compensation, MIDI filtering, a built in recorder, and several built in effects. Well worth the price.


My previous experience with using Aum with the ES-8 is that it worked fine with other programs but when I loaded Audulus everything stopped working. Consequently I have stopped using it quite as much. But that was many months ago, I should double check and see if that is still the case.

I actually put away my modular for the time being to focus on learning my sampler a little better. Since my sampler is also a midi sequencer I should try using Audulus with Aum again. I really like the simplicity of the interface.


Now that you mention it, I do remember having a problem trying to use IAA or Audiobus with Audulus when a multi-channel Interface was connected to the iPad. Don’t know if that’s still an issue or not.


This is the word I got from Jonatan who makes AUM:

Regarding multiple I/O for AUv3 plugins, that’s on my TODO list. I mostly need to figure out how to solve the UX/UI for it, considering plugins might have multiple ins, multiple outs, or both. Multiple output ports on IAA is already supported as you might have noticed, which is simple UI-wise because there’s only one instance of each IAA node.

The UX/UI for the MIDI out is awesome, so I’m expecting this to be awesome as well. It is a bit of a brain teaser though and I’m sure that’s why it’s a little hard to implement.