AUv3 Tutorials and Presets



This is the collection of patches that will come with the Audulus AUv3 plugin for iOS. More to come soon!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


AUv3 Inst Tutorial.audulus (199.3 KB)
AUv3 Effect Tutorial.audulus (183.8 KB)


AUv3 Inst Default.audulus (30.1 KB)
Curvature Micro.audulus (321.2 KB)
Pad Square Menace.audulus (308.9 KB)
Poly Pad Saw Pseudo Delay.audulus (166.6 KB)
Rasmus FM Bass.audulus (268.4 KB)
Rasmus Fold Warp.audulus (268.2 KB)
Rasmus Pitchy Lead.audulus (268.2 KB)
Rhythmic Looping Tuned Delays.audulus (337.7 KB)
Smol But Big!.audulus (142.5 KB)
Smol Flanger.audulus (165.1 KB)
Smol Lead.audulus (110.6 KB)
Smol Phase12.audulus (270.8 KB)
Smol Poly Spring Organ.audulus (252.7 KB)

Some Discussion About AUv3 For iOS

Nice work. Covers the basics well without being overly wordy. :cowboy_hat_face:


I think any of the filters would be good candidates for AUv3. Envelopes would also be great for AUv3. Various noise generators could also be nice options to have.


Filters meaning auto filters that have threshold detection for triggering? And what do you mean envelopes by themselves? Just wondering :sunglasses::+1:


Audio filters and envelopes which can be use as effects to shape user sounds whether it’s other synth apps or external audio or samples. Plus with the MIDI control Audulus offers, they could be synced with the MIDI that controls the audio generator. There are relatively few AU effect apps with MIDI control. The various audio delays would be similarly effective as effects in AU too.

Some sort of MIDI controlled effect that can take relatively noisy input convert it into a MIDI controlled musical output would be an impressive demo of what Audulus could do as an AUv3 too.


An example with an Audulus sequencer that controls an effect that also incorporates the host AU bpm would be appealing for those who are into ambient or soundscape design.


Added an AUv3 Effect Tutorial - also make sure to check out the Rhythmic Looping Tuned Delays - that’s a fun patch.


Testing in next internal beta to see if AUM and other apps support folder hierarchies for presets. This would make it easier to organize them, like by Pad/Lead/Bass etc rather than having to scroll through the list.


@stschoen EQ modules could be good too.