Audulus Weekly Update - 5/14/18 - Module Library Documentation


I decided to start doing a weekly update post where I clue you all into what we’re doing behind the scenes at Audulus.

I am working on building out the Audulus Module Library Documentation. You can preview the progress here:

I’m adding a table of contents to the documentation to make it easier to browse and navigate. By setting the HTML anchors for the modules, I’m also paving the way to create a better Help system in Audulus.

Right now, if you select a module and press Help, it just takes you to the Subpatch node description - not very helpful, nor expected, especially for new users.

What I’ll be doing is eventually adding, hardcoded into the .audulus file, links that will go directly to the module’s description in the manual.

In addition to this, I’ll be formatting the module library to look more like what we have going in the forum right now with pictures of each knob, button, input/output, etc.

Once I’ve done all that, I will start adding new modules to the collection.

PS: Sorry I was a bit absent last week - my wife got really sick and I had to take care of her, then she got ME really sick. I’d been working on the documentation last week and will continue this week. I responded to all the topics here that needed response, and I’ll be more active this week :slight_smile:

@balph continues to work on the AUv3 plugin for Audulus iOS. Can’t wait to see what a revolution this will be for effects for iOS!

@taylor is wrapping up development on his new app. Once it’s out and stable, he’ll be returning to Audulus dev.

Feature Request Megathread

@biminiroad Sorry to hear that you and the missus were under the weather last week. Hope you’re both feeling better now. I had cataract surgery on my second eye last Thursday, so I’ve had trouble using the computer. I got single vision lenses for distance viewing so now I need to use readers for close work work and the Mac is a bit challenging. Good thing I can blow stuff up a lot. Actually Audulus isn’t bad since it scales so easily, but email ,web pages etc are a bit more work. I’m becoming very good at command+ in Safari. Now I’ve got to figure out how to change the system font if it’s possible.


That sucks! Have you checked out the Accessibility panel?

She and I just had some kind of allergy/flu thing, it’s on its way out now. Hope you have a speedy recovery though!


Actually everything is going as expected. I’ve been pretty nearsighted all my life and have worn bifocals for years, and it’s a bit of an adjustment. After my eyes stabilize in a couple of months I’ll go back and get another set of glasses. It is pretty neat to finally be able to wear cheap sunglasses and still see.