Audulus & the ES-8: 1/oct to VPO Conversion



Audulus & the ES-8 - 1/oct to VPO Conversion Companion Patches.audulus (10.7 KB)

Bass Arpeggiator Keyboard.audulus (180.9 KB)

uTuring Sequencer.audulus (329.1 KB)

Slaving audulus

Excellent. I hope you get a chance to upload this to YouTube as well. :tv::tv::tv::tv::tv:


Very professional! You’re getting pretty good as a video producer. I enjoyed it and I don’t even have an ES-8. :clap::cowboy_hat_face:


Nice! Suggestion: you might want to add text or voiceovers or something to explain what Audulus is actually doing in your example patches, as that will be difficult to decipher for anyone not familiar with the app. Especially with you playing the keys and moving the sliders on the module.


@viilis thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to reupload the video with better sound levels and hardcoded captions for the part where I’m not talking that will explain the patch :slight_smile: Should be done tonight!


Added now! Audio is louder as well :slight_smile:


I just realized that this conversion makes Audulus CV the odd man out, as all other quantized CV from expert sleepers, doepfer, Mutable Instruments, etc. Assume you are tuning to a low C. If this is important to anyone because you are using offboard quantizers in combination with Audulus you need to subtract 3/12 from your 1/oct signal and tune your oscillator 16.35 or some other C.


Now, is this extra caveat going to be integrated into the utility module or are the people who need to be mindful of this best to simply adjust for the differences ad hoc?


It was a consideration when I made my own VPO utility because I use a lot of other midi to CV in my setup such as MI Yarns and the Arturia Keystep. I think maybe the idea with having it set to A (27.5 Hz) is the math is a little more straightforward to present and it doesn’t really cause an issue if all you are using is Audulus with a designated oscillator. It only becomes an issue if you want to switch the pitch CV between an oscillator tuned for Audulus and one Tuned for the Keystep.


I will have to check this out when Branes and the A4 arrive.


hey everyone, is it possible to use an es-8 input to quantize a cv signal from my eurorack sequencer and send the quantized signal out? in my current setup i’m using a monome earthsea module to play a sequence running through an intelijel uscale. trying to see if i can replace the uscale with the “gateable quantizer” in audulus. thank you


Yes you can do this - you’ll have to convert the incoming signal by doing the reverse: I think (x-5)*10.

Someone here with a quantizer might have to help you since I don’t have one - basically if you can dial in a scale in Audulus ans switch the cables back and forth between Audulus and the uScale and they play the same note, that’s when you know you have it dialed in. It may take some trial and error - just remember semitones are steps of 1/12.


Okay, I set my PICO VCO to a sine wave. Then followed instructions. When I attempt to tune it to 27.5 hz I bottom out at 33.8 hz. If I switch from -4 to -5 octave, it is possible to tune it, but the knob is at 8 o’clock. If I try -5 or -6, there is no change in relative tuning position of the knob. So, is -5 with knob at 8 o’clock okay?

*I kind of cut off the top screen shot, but the value is -4.


Yeah, it’s totally fine to transpose an octave, the perceived harmonic relationships will be the same. Lots of modules have limitations (eg limited tune knob) that need to be accommodated for, but once you know the sweet spots it stops being important.