Audulus syncing?

Hi All,
I have Audulus v.3.6.1. on my desktop Mac OSX (Catalina v.10.15.7.) but it doesn’t appear on my iPhone 7.
iCloud syncing is turned on for both devices, so I’m wondering why Audulus is not syncing up on the phone.
When I go to the App Store on the phone it wants me to pay for Audulus.

I am confused!

Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanks.

IOS and macOS apps are not compatible and don’t sync across platforms. The desktop version and iOS version of Audulus are two separate applications and have to be purchased separately. Audulus version 4 is in development but will most likely only be available on the iPad and Mac, not the iPhone.

Ahh! O.K.
Thanks very much for that.
Looking forward to V.4!

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