Audulus mapped to allen & heath Xone K2 Newest version

audulus mapped to allen & heath Xone K2 Newest version

this is a new thought for me. sorries in advance if this is covered somewhere on the net

  1. has this been mapped already
  2. location? link?
  3. advice, personal exp ect.
    very excited to take part in this community.
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Looks like a cool MIDI controller!

Mapping MIDI controls in Audulus is really easy.

For knobs, all you have to do is tap/click on a knob in Audulus and select Learn MIDI CC and then twist the knob (or fader) on your controller you want associated with that knob in Audulus.


For buttons, you can do the same.

Tap/right click on a Trigger node and select Learn MIDI Note.


At the moment, for buttons, you need to actually go into the module and find the button and map it directly to the node. If the button is exposed on a UI, you can’t map it. This is an oversight that will be fixed.

So in short, no, no one’s mapped this particular controller. The reason is that mapping controllers in Audulus is a highly personal thing. It totally depends on what the arrangement of the patch is that you’re using.

The great thing is you can create your own performance-oriented patches in Audulus and then map them to MIDI as you see fit!

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you rule. ill be back after i work this out

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FYI, At the moment knobs and triggers are not channel specific. Knobs respond to MIDI CC messages and Triggers respond to MIDI notes. There is also a keyboard node and pitch bend node that respond to incoming MIDI


Thanks. And you probably saved me hours searching the Internet . I know it’s cheesy but I think this Audulus community May have the opportunity to be something special.

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Of course it’s cheesy, but of course you’re right, too! The old Audulus forum was a great place as well, and with all these new features on this new forum, and pontentially a lot of new users coming over, it can only get better! :raised_hands:

Gotta know your nodes!

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