Audulus Discord Channel

Hey everyone,

I hope all is well with you all. I wanted to make this known in case you haven’t heard that there is a malware being passed around Discord communities called TroubleGrabber. It is an account credential harvester and 2FA disabler, which also grabs system info via web hooks in the Discord app on its way out the door with the gathered data that is now bound for the C&C server.

This community is like a perfect haven of kindness, generosity, good vibes, mutual respect, trust, good intentions, and teaching the most awesomely interesting things that I don’t want to see get spoiled by a bad actor that might join the group trying to distribute malware now that we are on Discord. There are a lot of you who I have gotten to know over the last ~2 years, and I consider you guys to be actual friends. Even if I didn’t, I would still care about what happens, and I don’t want to see/hear something bad happen to any of you.

The link to the article with more info about this is just below in this post so you can check it out. I’m not saying “don’t download anything from the Discord channel” but I am saying to be careful and vigilant, especially if you are working on a Mac. Hopefully, this will not actually reach any of us, but I wanted to make everyone aware of its existence.

@taylor do you think maybe it might be wise to make purchasing the A3 or A4 applications as a prerequisite for joining the Discord? Like maybe a specially generated code that you get from the app that leads you to join the channel? Just a thought. Have a great evening, everyone :slightly_smiling_face:



i’m unable to fix the issue can anyone help me out with this strange discord issue?


What kind of issue are you having?

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