Audulus and Expert Sleepers ES-8 Matrix Sequencer Retro Trance Demo

This demo showcases Audulus and the Expert Sleepers ES-8 sequencing and enveloping a hybrid analog/digital synthesizer made of Eurorack modules.

The Doepfer A-111-3 uPVCO is playing a bassline into the Erica Synths Fusion Tube Mixer and is combined with a supersaw lead generated in Audulus. Both are then sent to the Roland 505 combo VCF/VCA and back into Audulus.

The chord progression is created by the same sequencer generating the bass and lead, driving another supersaw synth in Audulus that is filtered by an emulated SEM LPF.

The drums are created and muted in Audulus as well. The snare in particular is running through a digital spring reverb with a long decay time.

The final mix is sent out of the ES-8 and into the Universal Audio Apollo interface through an emulated Neve 1073 preamp, Fairchild 670 compressor, Ampex ATR-102 tape machine, and EMT-140 plate reverb.

Attached below is the patch I used:

Audulus and Expert Sleepers ES-8 Matrix Sequencer Retro Trance Demo.audulus (1.2 MB)


Nice fusion of hardware and Audulus!

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Glad to see you are using blind panels. It always bothers me when I can see the back of the case with the power cables.

I also like that you get the visual feedback from Audulus sequencer for the patch. That’s quite compelling.

edit: Consider colored cables for tutorial videos. This helps viewers track the patch more easily. That said, the uniform black cables is visually better for videos like this.

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Totally! It’s also unsafe - small risk of shock but mostly getting water/junk poured down in there and blowing it up.

I just got a $5 piece of foamcore board and cut it to size. It doesn’t even need any fasteners, just fits snugly in there.

I’m actually going to do just that. I need to measure out the lengths I need but I’m going to definitely do a system similar to Learning Modular (though probably use different/fewer colors).


Well done.

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