Audulus 4 public beta!

It’s time to open up the Audulus 4 beta to more people!

I want to ensure the Audulus 4 release is really solid and is a substantial upgrade over Audulus 3.

Get the beta here: Join the Audulus 4 beta - TestFlight - Apple

and let me know what you think!


Hi, will this be also available for iOS 12 once released? I can’t upgrade my iPad to higher iOS versions.
Many thanks!

Hi @Amedeos . Sorry, no. I’m using Apple code that is only available on iOS 14.

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Thanks @taylor, and it won’t be available for iPhone right?

That’s right. Maybe I should explain the thinking behind that elsewhere so as not to get off topic here :slight_smile:

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Hello Taylor!

I’d like to know if Midi Output will be available in Audulus 4.
For use via Idam with my Mac or inside Aum for example.

Audulus 4 as Au is a really nice feature.

Thanks - Salut


Hi! I’ve never used Audulus before. I was waiting for the new version to try using it as an Au plugin.

A couple of notes / question:

  1. How “Edit UI” work in Audulus 4? Tapping on a patch this option doesn’t come out
  2. I’ve tried to load it inside Beatmaker. Audulus shows up but MIDI Input doesn’t seem to receive anything, and core moduls dragged fron the bottom bar can’t be dropped (I can only add modules from the modules browser).

Hi Boris, yes Midi output is available in the Note Send node. I’m working on a CC send node too. cheers :slight_smile:


Hi @giohappy, if you can report bugs via TestFlight, that would help me organize them :slight_smile:

If you enable Edit UI in the settings, you’ll see red boxes around the UI elements and you can move them around.




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Really looking forward to using this more! Looks great from my brief trial.

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Oh no, I didn’t see this before now. Says beta is full, and I so want to check it out. Any chance it may open up to more people, or do I have to accept my fate? At least, its great to see that v 4 is making progress.

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Done! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :pray:

how about 14bit CC input node? been dreaming about that since the release of 3… or OSC

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Thanks for making the beta public! Some very exciting stuff happening here!

So I tried loading Audulus 4 as an AU Effect in Drambo. Because who doesn’t want a modular synth inside a modular synth, right?

I was wondering if there will be a way to expose AU parameters to the host?

Also I noticed that the preset browser button (top left) doesn’t seem to work when loaded inside of an AU host. Tried hosting in Drambo and AUM - same behavior.

‘this beta is full.’
Im both happy and sad at the same time! :pleading_face: Its great to see more people dive into modular synthesis and the world of Audulus! but how did I miss this :pleading_face:

Thanks for letting me know @Joe ! Also, reporting bugs via TestFlight helps me organize them :slight_smile:

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Whoa, that filled up fast. Just doubled the number a day ago from 100 to 200.

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