Audulus 3 Library Reface


I love your k-s module, making it into the library now

K-S 8 Step Demo.audulus (521.9 KB)

Yes, I’m going to add more algos then have an indicator on the side that shows their directionality.

I’ll definitely make a 16 step version of this!

I brought this up as well when talking to Taylor about options…maybe there is something we can see, but the goal is now to work more towards A4.

I’ll talk to Taylor about this - might be an option



8 Step Sequencer Noodle.audulus (660.6 KB)

Here’s a little noodle with a 6/8 feel to it.


8 Step Sequential Switch Demo.audulus (740.4 KB)


Includes Sequential Switch and upgraded 8 step sequencer and more!

Audulus 3 Library WIP (387.2 KB)


a few suggestions and requests.audulus (125.8 KB)

Here’s another round of suggestions and requests.

One of the things that bugged me about the old clock module is the Run Gate didn’t reset the internal phasor, so I made a little edit.

I forgot to mention that the uVerb’s mix knob really functions more like a damp than a wet/dry mix, so it’s still useful to include one.

I made a module that detects rising stepped voltages so the analog envelope can be used for asymmetric slew.

Also included are a dual comparator module and a bernoulli gates module that might be fun in the new collection.


@robertsyrett thank you! I will go through these as well and add them, and good suggestions.

Anyone else here can also do what Robert’s doing and send me modules to add to the new library!

Here’s a weird one - I wanted to make a variable input crossfade, and found that it can do some fun weird stuff as an oscillator.

Variable Crossfade Weird Oscillator.audulus (313.4 KB)


Yeah, that part of the morph module could probably be its own 4 channel crossfader.

Also, I’d probably mention that batches are better for @biminiroad to get rather than multiple versions of the same thing. The easier it is for him to sort through the better his quality of life.


I added @stschoen’s uVerb in there with your suggestions plus made it stereo by offsetting the onset by 0.001 seconds.

Audulus 3 Reface (373.7 KB)


apologies if this was mentioned somewhere already… will these new changes be available through an update? Or should I download the new collection? I liked the old aesthetic design but these simplified ones are definitely appreciated!


A standard crossfade node is at the heart of the FSK oscillator. I used it rather than a traditional switch so you could use something other than a square wave to switch between the two oscillators. A square wave gives you a true FSK, but other waveforms crossfade between the two oscillators. I probably ought to add a choice of waveforms for the internal FSK mode, at the moment when it’s on internal it’s just a square wave from oscillator A.


They will be included in an update - the old library will be replaced and made available for download, but this new one will supplant it in-app. I’m just posting the in-progress collection to get feedback and suggestions - let me know if you have any! :slight_smile:


Audulus 3 Library WIP (392.0 KB)

Added some of the modules @robertsyrett suggested, also added a fix for stuck clock that @stschoen implemented for the 8 Step sequencer.

Up to 63 modules now!


Compromise! :man_dancing:


ok, my last round of requests…audulus (925.8 KB)

Here’s a few of the last things that I had in my personal library that might be worth adding to the Library.

  • A phase lock loop that I carved out of the Gabler that should function more like the Doepfer PLL module with a simple mix knob.
  • The frequency shifter @stschoen and I made a while back. I’ve been having fun with that one.
  • A crazy oscillator that is a complex waveform generator that runs off a 8x2 matrix of spline-based waveforms and has phase distortion in multiple flavors.
  • A filtered delay with an optical-style compressor rather than a saturator expression that I like the sound of.
  • I was just running pend through the delay to test it for any bugs and thought, “Can Peng get refaced for the library?”

Edit: I did a little extra testing on the delay and added a clamp knob to the compressor mechanism to keep it from re-opening the level node with inverted polarities when exceedingly loud signals are sent into it.


Oh my…


It’s supposed to look like a folktek module I suppose :slight_smile:


I’ve had the Kaleidoscopic Operator module by @robertsyrett for a bit now and have been meaning to finish a solid patch showing it off on the forum for some time, but was never satisfied that the patches I made lived up to the radness! He made it around the time the topic discussing possible clones of the Basimilus Iteritus Alter and Manis Iteritus by Noise Engineering was active on here. Whether it was intentional or not, I always felt that this was kind of take on the Manis Iteritus in timbre (which is the one I had suggested a clone of) and it made me feel like it was a special little module made just for me with the Folktek-like Audulus UI graphics and all. :smile_cat: However I didn’t mean to keep it to myself and always intended on showing it off with a sweet patch on here (with all credit of module creation to @robertsyrett of course). Sorry for the rant, but mainly just want to say thanks to all of the knowledge and modules shared on here by the likes of @robertsyrett, @stschoen, @biminiroad, @jjthrash, @RudigerMeyer, and everyone else! I always learn and get inspired so much from your modules. Not to mention the amount of time I can kill just having fun making noise with your creations. Cheers!


I was just messing around with delays and filters trying to get something right. What great delay module.


K-Scope.audulus (564.9 KB)


K-Scope Bedtime Remix.audulus (1.3 MB)

Here’s a little patch remix I made before bedtime, I hope you enjoy :slight_smile: