Aud Mod 1

Here’s the 7 inch version of the original 12 inch all-Audulus jam ‘Aud Mod 1’.

This is made up of 5 Audulus AU instances being midi controlled (no bouncing). This version has minimal DAW manipulation, though I do have a Volume Shaper on one of the tracks.

Patches below: It looks like I have a Bimini Road additive synth component in there and the rest appears to be from my rag tag patch collection.

These are the patches:
Aud Mod Bimini Noise.audulus (56.6 KB)
Aud Mod Dub Sub.audulus (92.1 KB)
Aud Mod Hats.audulus (216.5 KB)
Aud Mod Kick.audulus (70.5 KB)
Aud Mod Snare.audulus (94.7 KB)


Very nice. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Good tune, mellow, interesting. Nice quality.

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