AU Plugin and Digital Performer

Audulus is great, but I’ve never had any luck running its AU plugin in Digital Performer … it crashes the examination process every time.

Two questions – has anyone ever been able to run it in the MOTU app, and how well does it run in other Mac DAWs? Thanks.

I’ve used the AU in Reaper and Live a number of times and have had as many as 4 instances running simultaneously. It’s not as stable as I would like and does crash occasionally. It also tends to be a CPU hog. MIDI control of triggers and knobs doesn’t work and the keyboard node only responds to channel 1.
The stand-alone version of Audulus is great but the AU needs some work. The AU hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but an update is planned for Version 4.

Thanks, Stephen – I’ll cross my fingers and see what happens when v4 comes out.

I know you asked MOTU for a dev copy of Digital Performer so you could try to work out any issues; I’m disappointed they didn’t follow through for you. But I certainly appreciate all your work on Audulus! Thanks – Randy

Soundflower works pretty well if you don’t mind prerecording Audulus

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