Apple phasing out OpenGL -- but don't worry 😎



As you may know, Audulus currently uses OpenGL for graphics rendering. Apple has decided to phase out OpenGL, starting in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave.

But don’t worry!

We’ll switch over to Metal soon. I’ve got it covered.



METAL! :love_you_gesture:


Metal should offer some performance benefits in any case. The only real advantage to openGL was that it was cross-platform and an open standard. Will you be moving to DirectX on the Windows platform?


Any word on why OpenGL got the boot?

Also, will Audulus work on Macs older than 2013? Or is it the end of my fun?


We can keep OpenGL on windows and Linux.


Apple likes do move on and end support for older stuff. OpenGL was pretty long in the tooth and had strained to keep current.

As for your Mac, well, that’s the upgrade treadmill we are all on I’m afraid :confused:


Well, nothing lasts forever. How long until you make the switch?


Good question.

I already have the Metal rendering working on iOS. If all devices that run iOS 11 support Metal (I’m actually not sure), then we could switch iOS over very soon.

For macOS, our minimum version is 10.12. Assuming all 10.13 devices support Metal, then we could increase the minimum version and update soon.

That way, nobody ends up with a broken version of Audulus, though they might not be able to upgrade any more.


I am running 10.13, but my experience with Sculptura leaves me wary since it runs on Metal and it doesn’t work on my mac. Is there a way to disable updates for the time being?


You can turn off automatic updates this way:

You can’t do it individually for each app, so if you turn it off, you’ll turn it off for all your apps.


Lame that it’s all or nothing :frowning: Guess I’ll wrap up the videos I have planned and then prepare for the worst.


You can still update your apps, you just can’t turn off automatic updating for one app. So you’d just have to periodically check for updates for the apps you want to update.


will do.


You say Sculptura doesn’t work on your Mac. What kind of problem are you having?


Sculptura does super complex stuff with Metal, so it can be harder to get working on older hardware.

When it’s ready, I’ll send you an Audulus beta so we can test on your machine and try to make sure it works :slight_smile:


I’m feeling like royalty over here. :slight_smile:


Sculptura would just crash on launch. Works great on my iPad Pro and I am not complaining. But unexpectedly losing the ability to build patches on the Mac would be :boom::fire::skull::sob:


Of course Scuptura is still a new product. I had a long spell where Audulus wouldn’t run on my MacBook because of the specific GPU in my model. It would lock up when the MacBook attempted to switch from the internal graphics to the GPU. If I forced it to switch before I ran Audulus all was well. I would think an app like Scuptura, even if it didn’t crash, might be too slow to be usable. My old iMac suits my wife fine, but I couldn’t use it as my primary computer even though it runs High Sierra without any major issues. It’s just gotten too slow.