Anyone use VCV Rack?

Version 1.0 has just been released after a pretty long development path (I believe there’s only one developer involved for the core application).

For anyone who isn’t aware, it’s an open source application that acts as a host for various modules that use its API to provide connections. Something akin to a software Eurorack (or variant).

To me it’s a very different beast to Audulus, and certainly not configurable to the low level of building available in Audulus.

I installed the beta quite a while back, but found it very resource intensive, but have installed v1.0 and will check it out again.


I’ve played with it some and found it pretty well done, but it’s not really in the same space as Audulus. The new VST bridge now makes it useable in a DAW.


I haven’t used the bridge (not even sure if there’s an AU version), but I think VST/AU is coming in v2.

Overall I like it, but you’re right - it’s very different from Audulus.

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I’ve used both the AU and VST version of the bridge in Ableton Live on my Mac and they work pretty well. I view VCV Rack and Softube Modular as virtual Eurorack systems, and Audulus, PD and Max/MSP as visual programming environments for audio. I think they both have their place. I don’t have the space or funds to invest in a real rack, and VCV and Softube give me a somewhat similar experience without the expense. Audulus on the other hand is a playground where I can experiment with sound on a much more fundamental level. (Plus there’s a bunch of really great people on the forum).


I like to use Audulus way up stream and VCV Rack way downstream. Audulus does clocking, provides voices, tools, etc using an iPad and ES-8 out to the rack. But then my Eurorack gets sent through the Analog Four’s external inputs. The rack can then be mixed with the voices on the Analog Four and everything can then be multi-tracked into Ableton on a MacBook though a USB cable (whereupon VCV Rack can enter the picture). The other nice thing about that train is, at that point, sometimes I like to then work ‘in the box’ for a while.

Basically everyone here helped me and I ended up with a dream setup. :slight_smile: So happy with it.