Anyone Else Think This Is Legit?

I saw this advertised on a site I was browsing recently. It looks kinda neat, like a good way to collaborate, but also seems like it could be a potential way to unwittingly let the site owners end up owning the rights to your work. Just curious if anyone else can vouch for legitimacy or not? Soundtrap cloud studio

Looks legit to me. Have a look at their Terms and Conditions. They state:

"Any and all Content that you upload, store, transmit, submit, exchange or make available to or via the Service (“Your Content”) is generated, owned and controlled solely by you, and not by us.

We do not claim any ownership rights in Your Content, and you hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that Your Content remains your sole responsibility."

Looks like they make their money from selling paid subscriptions much in the same way that Soundcloud wants everyone to buy a paid “premium” account.

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