Align or snap to grid?

iOS user here. I’ve come across some patches with modules that look perfectly aligned with each other or aligned to a grid. Is it just very careful placement, or is there an align tool I’m missing (or is it Mac exclusive?) To be clear, I’m not talking about grid snapping when a sub patch’s UI is unlocked, just regular old modules all lined up and spaced out neatly.


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There isn’t an align or snap feature yet in Audulus. But after a while lining things up by eye becomes a habit. It looks nice and is easier to follow after all. :slight_smile:

I often make a “ruler” by grouping an input and output and stretching the resulting module to whatever size I need to line up other elements.

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Okay, makes sense. Maybe it will be a feature in AU4, or perhaps I could write a simple tool that finds all the XY positions in the patch save file and rounds them to the nearest tens or hundreds places. It could be a python script and/or a ‘shortcut’ on iOS…

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Hadn’t thought of this, it’s a great trick, thanks!

Totally! I think Audulus files are basically JSON files and I know in the past my friends who can code have made excellent use of the x,y scheme to lay out patches. I would love to see what going down that road would yield.

I’ll give it a go when I have some time next week!


There will be snap to grid in Audulus 4 :slight_smile:

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