Aggregate Devices?

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I hope you’re all having a great night! I had a really cool idea about variable modulation today while I was at work, and I started thinking, “if hardware can do this (OP-1), can I make a patch in Audulus to make this a [virtual] modular synth implementation of this idea?”.

I feel like I tend to learn a lot more when I have tangible ideas I am trying to reproduce (provided that they aren’t to super trig/calc heavy, as I am still no more familiar with the mathematics of wave generation and physical component emulation than I was when I began; I am a work in constant progress lol).

So, my question is this - is Audulus capable of interacting with an aggregate device, at this time? I know the answer was a definite ‘no’ when I got into this app and community about 9 months ago, but I thought it might be possible that improvements had been made that perhaps had changed things, like how the Bluetooth audio bug was resolved by some changes Apple had implemented.

If this is not an option, if anyone has any suggestions for creating a virtual interface through which I could route signals out of other audio apps (Mac and iPad, or I guess one or the other, if not both), into Audulus, and not negatively affect the stereo output (like having make my patch output signal mono, in order to introduce audio in, and not have conflicting signals), I would be super grateful to know more about what you know. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions? Thanks! :slight_smile:

At this point Audulus still doesn’t support an aggregate device on macOS. There’s a bug in the underlying macOS code that preventsAudulus’s audio engine from starting. iOS doesn’t have aggregate devices. For iOS You can use IAA or Audiobus to route signals between apps (at least those that support one of these protocols) Audulus supports 2 channels of IO with either protocol. For macOS I use Soundflower and SoundflowerBed but there are several other alternatives available. Loopback is one alternative. Loopback offers considerably more flexibility than Soundflower but it does cost $99 and Soundflower is free.

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@stschoen thanks so much for the quick reply! I actually downloaded Soundflower a while ago after @biminiroad made a mention of it in a video he made of A3 patch running. I just didn’t know how to use it lol. I will certainly be taking some time to figure it out, now that I know it is what I am looking for. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Soundflower creates a virtual input and output device. By itself it allows you to redirect the output from one app to the input of another. The only downside is, by itself it doesn’t also feed the system output, so you have no monitoring. Soundflowerbed provides a split to the system output device so you can also monitor. (37.1 KB) (117.6 KB)


That is exactly what I need, thanks so much for including the files! :smile:

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