Adding outputs to a DeMux? Also, how to create a maximum step for the sequencer node?

I’m looking to increase a DeMux’s possible outputs for a patch I’m working on—is it possible to double it from 8 to 16 and still have it be one DeMux?
Also, second question: is it possible to create a maximum step knob for the seq16 node?
Thanks as always.

Yes! like this: Demux16.audulus (19.9 KB)

Im not 100% sure if I get what you mean but I made this: Seq16 with max. step.audulus (20.1 KB)

The Sequenzer resets to step 1 after the ‘maximum step’.
Is this what you’re looking for?


Thank you so much!

It is! I probably should’ve made it clearer I was looking for a way to be able to adjust the maximum sequence length, but thanks for translating through my gibberish, haha! I’m working on a patch that’s almost completely generative, so thank you for your help!

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Here’s a collection of mux/demux modules for 16, 24, and 48 channels. Also an 8 and 16 channel dual mux. They have 2 selects and two outputs sharing a common set of channels
Mux-Demux Collection.audulus (94.6 KB)


Oh, perfect! Thank you!