8 Minutes of Audulus



Lemon-Lime Refractions.audulus (2.0 MB)


Love it!


Wow. Very cool. I love the unpredictability yet cool melodies that are generated.

Nice work


Thanks! I was trying to make a patch where you could watch the melodies get caught in the sampling buffer and listen to them being mixed up :slight_smile:


This is a very nice generative patch capable of subtle melodic expression. Well done!


This reminds me of the water level in Mario 64 a little with that glass echo - good stuff!


Being compared to N64 games is high praise! :hugs:


Excellent, as usual! I’m always impressed by how sparse a soundscape you create, while still keeping a sense of rhythm and progression through the piece. The most interesting use of the RCD yet.


Very nice! And I agree, I could totally see myself play in a Mario or Zelda temple with this music in the background! Very impressive.