8 channel switch that rotates from a trigger or clock

hello all,
my first post here. I have been trying to build ( i don’t think this already exists out of the box) an 8-channel switch that moves between inputs to the single output via a trigger/gate / clock. So for example I wanted to send 8 LFO’s at different speeds into it and then use a clock to cycle through those to the single input of a SINE oscillator. How do I do this?

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For Audulus version 3 have a look at the seq16 node. It will switch inputs at each gate

The seq16 node has been removed for version 4 so it would be necessary to use a mux node connected to a counter that steps for each clock. Let us know which version you’re working with and if you need a hand.

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@stschoen, I think you mean mux instead of demux? (Mux is what is pictured, many inputs to one output, whereas demux is one input to many outputs.)

Anyway, this means:

In the module above, a gate (clock) sends to a counter (possible the counter might be your missing link) to cycle through n mux inputs.
Connect to mux inputs whatever you wish to cycle through.
Connect mux output to whatever.

By the way, @guggs the way you word it, LFO’s → mux → oscillator means you will be modulating your target oscillator in some way (modulating freq or amp would be typical – you’d need a bit of math, eg, math expression between mux and target to get your LFO output in range).

If you mean you want different speeds of LFO’s, use constants (eg, math expressions with a number) connected to a mux and feed those to your LFO oscillator freq (hz) (then modulate down the line with your LFO). This is a good way to sync an LFO, for example – use a mux to send ratios of your global clock rate.

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@jersmi You are correct sir, I should have said mux, not demux. BTW the seq16 node was deprecated for Audulus 4 because it was a bit limiting when used as a sequencer. It was difficult to adjust the number of steps or to chain multiples so people generally built their own. There are plenty of examples on the forum and in the library.