32 Beat Data Grid

So this is my first module. I’m trying to create a hi hat sequencer. Since these forums are a scrappers paradise I scrounged some bits and pieces to get it working. The last part of the puzzle is the demuxing so the indicator lights flick on when that corresponding button is high. Otherwise, it works great.

For some reason the demuxer keeps the 1 beat high when it’s “resting”. Any ideas? I’ve tried to work the logic. Does it have something to do with the fract expression near the input? I’m at a loss.

32 Beat Data Grid.audulus (96.3 KB)

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Muxes and demuxes are indexed from 0. To select out 1 you need to input 0 on sel and for out 8 sel is 7. Your demux is one off.


thank you! i’m glad it’s that simple.