24 Scale Quantizer

24 Scale Quantizer

This quantizer is based on the one in the Ornaments & Crime Eurorack module. It features 24 different scales, the last 5 of which are not based on the traditional western 12 note well tempered scale. The values for each note in each scale are determined by numbers attached to a series of mux units, and can easily be changed to enter other scales. A scale can contain up to 15 notes, with the 16th note representing the octave value. The root note can be selected for the scale and the output can be transposed +/- 6 semitones.


Input Signal Range Notes
o%20input 1 per octave

Output Signal Range Notes
o%20output 1 per octave


Knob Function Notes
scale%20select selects current scale
root%20note selects the root note for the current scale
transpose shifts the output up or down 6 semitones

Button Function Notes
mask note on (red) note off (blue) Selects which notes in the scale are turned on or off.


Meter Displays Notes
scale%20display currently selected scale
notes%20in%20scale number of notes in current scale
root%20display root note for the current scale The displayed values are for a traditional well tempered scale
transpose%20display transpose semitones
mask masked, selected and active notes Red toggle -note is active Green light - note is in scale Red light - note is selected

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
2.0 Scales V2.audulus (451.4 KB) 05/08/2018 initial upload to new forum