16 Notes Arpeggiator

After making MW-OSC and VJ-TV, I started to build my third module. A simple arpeggiator.

Please take a look :no_mouth:

Arpeggiator v0.1.audulus (4.1 KB)

Arpeggiator_demo_patch.audulus (179.5 KB)

Arpeggiator_keyboard_patch.audulus (5.6 KB)


Very nice! It was clever to use the keyboard node’s own built-in S&H to store the arpeggiated notes in the keyboard demo. You should probably move this to the modules category.

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Update with up / down mode

Arpeggiator v0.2.audulus (13.8 KB)


16-ARP v0.3.audulus (35.5 KB)
16-ARP v0.3 (w:o hold).audulus (31.1 KB)

Update v0.3:

  • new sample and hold structure for polyphonic notes
  • store up to 16 arpeggiated notes
  • repetition always ends in the last notes (no empty gap)
  • a new algorithm for the up and down mode with constant speed
  • hold toggle not working properly yet

Older version:

  • use keyboard built-in S&H
  • store only 4 notes
  • repetition always ends in the fourth notes (leaving an empty gap if less than four)
  • up and down algorithm based on experimenting
  • hold toggle works fine

16-ARP_Test_Patch.audulus (37.0 KB)


I used this Arpeggiator in a production. Thanks. Really useful when you hands are tied up to be able to tap some keys and get a musical change quick.