10 channel comb filter model 295 // Buchla/MMI 295 Clone

TwoNineFive (295) 10-channel comb filter

This is a 10-channel band filter based on the MMI Modular 10-channel comb filter, which is the eurorack version of the Buchla model 295. I had been thinking of buying the pcb and eventually completing the DIY version of the eurorack module, but I got inspired by the 16 band graphic equalizer and the Ten Band Resonant Equalizer Audulus modules put together by @stschoen and thought to try my hand at making my own version in Audulus. Using the equalizers created by @stschoen as a starting template and getting some great tips along the way, I’m very happy with the end result. Input audio is on the left side and the left knob controls can be used to mix in the levels of each bandpass frequency. The mix knobs only affect the summed output to the top right. Same with the “dB gain” knob. The “width” knob affects all bandpass frequencies as well as the Q of the LPF and the HPF on individual outputs as well as summed. The individual bandpass frequency outputs are unattenuated and unaffected by the individual mix knobs and dB gain knob. I also included breakout modules (“pocket comb” versions) for just the individual unattenuated bandpass channels, only width control, as well as a version only focused on the summed output signal. Many thanks to @stschoen and @biminiroad for the help!
TwoNineFive (295) 10-Channel Comb Filter final (3 versions).audulus (648.4 KB)
Buchla 295 demo.audulus (2.1 MB)



Input Signal Range Notes

38%20AM | Audio signal input

Output | Signal Range | Notes

50%20AM - Audio Output with effect
57%20AM - Unattenuated outputs for each band frequency


59%20AM |
bandwidth/Q control
dB gain over sum output
18%20AM |
individual frequency band control for each channel (affects "sum" output only)


08%20AM - amount of individual band controls affecting mix at summed output

54%20AM - dB gain amount on summed output


Great job! Love the different form factors :+1:

in Audulus 4 we’ll have faders so we can make something that looks more like the real thing too :slight_smile: But the LEDs were a nice touch for that!


Thanks, Mark! Looking forward to the new-fangled faders in A4 as well.:smile_cat:


sounds really good! great job!


Glad to see my comb icon SVGs put to such good use! :cowboy_hat_face:

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