Working with Delays

I spent some time in a little room with some chase bliss pedals. They were all delay based digital. I have a modulatable or rampable euro analog filter I can incorporate, so I had in the back of my mind that I might even have more fun with audulus and delays but finally got around to it. I like this patch:

Empty Patch 7.audulus (362.3 KB)

But it would be nice to have a way to get degrading repeats, rather than just one repeat. Seemed like a lot of the character of dark world, mood, and tonal recall came from clocked delays, reverb mixed with tape delay emulation, etc. Where multi bar repeats breakdown slowly.

I would be pleased if anyone else wanted to share some guitar effect patches.

I think we have a bit of an advantage here because with Audulus it is easier to understand the parameter logic. Whereas with a pedal, and no instruction map right there, you are kind of guessing while turning knobs.

Just sorted it out. I didn’t have the feedback set right and the time knob on the delay time module attenuates that signal. I get it now.

Chasing Chase Bliss.audulus (384.1 KB)

Another feature it seems to have is a tap tempo clock dividable delay. Or, you are able to have a clock synced loop, but use tap tempo foot switch to create subdivisions.