Who here has Mutable Instruments Plaits and an ES-8?

I’m getting one in the mail soon. I want to make some “breakout boxes” for it that expand its functionality. They would basically be zero or close to zero CPU since it would work by just sending voltages through the ES-8.

Anyway, I’d love to have some beta testers for these modules before I go an make videos with them.

One that jumps out at me would be a way to specifically dial in a chord, chord voicing, and waveshape. You could then actually sequence these breakout boxes together and do predictable chord changes.

Another breakout box I’d imagine would be a drum machine that would allow you to sequence stuff together inside Audulus.

What do you mean by a breakout box in this context? Somehow you can make use of more of a circuit’s functionality by augmenting the flow through Audulus patches? Wouldn’t you have to intervene somewhere, in a wa that is not already potentiated or jacked?

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For example, the chord mode has a knob that changes the chord type. You could CV the base pitch and chord type and create a chord progression. But if you tried to do this on a Eurorack sequencer, you wouldn’t be able to recall it unless your sequencer has recall - and even then, it would have limited recall, not the ability to store tons of songs. Audulus and ES-8 together could do this though. Make sense?


Let me see if I can sell my ajh oscillator for a plaits. It will take a week or two though.

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Yeah it makes sense for sure. It is a subtly deep subject that has the potential to drive Audulus further into academic interest.

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