White wire lockup

After considerable searching I find very few references to “white wire lockup”. So, some questions for you:

What is the best method to un white wire?

I’ve been cutting the module and pasting back into place, and would welcome insight if there is a higher path.

Does the white wire occur when the input is beyond scope for the patch? Is it a tight feedback loop? What exactly causes the lockup?

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The white wires indicate infinities or NaNs (“not a number”, caused by 0/0). To figure out which, connect one of the white wires to a value node.

A runaway feedback loop can cause it. I’ve tried to eliminate dividing by zero as a cause.

To reset the state of your patch, close it and reopen.

Good luck!


Thank you for the clarity and quick response!

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Cutting and pasting is what I do as well.

Dividing by zero actually will return zero most of the time, but there are plenty of functions that will return an infinite number and those will cause white wires as well. The cause I find in a lot of instances is trying to take the log of 0, which is -infinity.


Thank you for the exacting explanation. This forum is quite the resource.


I should be able to guard log(0) producing inf… I’ll look into that!