Where to download latest Audio Unit version?

Just getting oriented with Audulus, seems like this will be useful and lots of fun.

I installed onto MacOS (10.12.6) from the App Store, and standalone Audulus appears to be version 3.5.2 (101). Nice.

Then I downloaded the Audio Unit from the link provided on the main documentation page. As expected, the installer placed the audio unit in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/. The installed AU says it’s version 3.3. Hmm.

Question: is there someplace I should be downloading a more recent AU version?

Motivation: I’m concerned I’ll follow the recommended workflow to develop in standalone Audulus, only to discover I’ve created patches with 3.5 dependencies, which therefore won’t load inside my AU host apps. Might that happen, or is the code which loads/runs patches for AU actually inside the standalone app?

Thanks for your advice :smiley:

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That is actually the latest version - we’re working on a new one right now that is going to be concurrent with the AUv3 version we’re releasing for Audulus. It’s requiring some reworking of the underlying code, but in the end will run better in both platforms :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have any problem loading something you made in the standalone into the AU.

Also, welcome! Glad to have you on board :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark for the welcome and for the super quick response. I feel your pain re the “moving target” that is AU platform. Sigh. Hang in there! :sunny:

One suggestion, it might be worth adding an AU-specific forum tag (I didn’t find one and don’t seem to be allowed to add my own… possibly due to lack of social “street cred” here yet). Or possibly a dedicated topic under Mac Support. Seems there have been a handful of other AU related questions scattered around.

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I added it - can you see it now as an option?

see the “au” tag now, thx :+1: