What ahppened to the PC version

HI, been away from audulus for a while. bought the PC version when first released, come back to enjoy it again and can’t find the PC version anywhere.
Is it MAC only…?

Yes, unfortunately, supporting a Linux, Windows, and a Mac version (on top of the already full hands that @taylor had with supporting A3 for iOS/iPadOS), as well as building the newer version, A4 (which is in beta release, now), became too much, at a certain point. It was more than a year ago, iirc, that he made an announcement in this forum, that development and support would be discontinued for Windows and Linux.

If you still wish to work with more recently updated versions of A3, or get A4 when it becomes GA, you will need to have an iPad or a Mac (support for iPhone is also no more, for A4) due to the complications of having to build for different architectures and device sizes, and the result of having iOS users, with underpowered devices, or not enough screen real estate, having a bad user experience and choosing to rate Audulus badly, in the App Store.

As a consolation prize, I have a recommendation for you, though. Go to Native Instruments’ free plugins section and download Reaktor Player and any Reaktor Blocks (they may be hidden in Komplete Start bundle) libraries that you can find. There’s a bunch of other great free stuff there, too.

Reaktor Blocks are PC compatible, and have all the necessary block nodes to build your own virtual EuroRack rig, on your PC. It’s kinda like Audulus, and also compatible with ES-8 and other DC-coupled I/O. Check that out, and I think you will find that Reaktor Blocks is similar enough to accomplish the things you used to do with Audulus, when it was PC compatible. I hope that this is helpful, to you! :slightly_smiling_face: