Wavetable* Synthesis for Dummies

I find myself going over and over very basic functions in Audulus and have been benefitting greatly from @robertsyrett’s series Know Your Nodes. In part 5 he has been working with splines as waveforms. I am an idiot, so I thought I would share something simple that I made which led to some key discoveries. For example, if you hook an LFO up to a spline it will windshield wipe the waveform…

Wave Synth for Dummies.audulus (18.1 KB)

*NB This probably shouldn’t be called wave table synthesis, but it is an aspect of understanding how single cycle waveforms can be triggered or be modulation sources.


Yeah, that’s a good point. Spline-based waveforms aren’t exactly wavetables, they are more like vector tables. Is that a thing??


This is cool. One thing I played with back when I was developing the wave-not-table node was that of playing with the phase itself. The attached patch shows what you can do if you replace the Phasor with some other function. I’ve complicated it by modulating the extremeness of the phase function using an LFO, but it’s a fun idea to play with.

20171117 - phase modulation.audulus (182.1 KB)


I was working on exactly the same thing! These are great, you should post them over in the modules.