Volca Style Digitone Taste Test, Anyone?

Sonicware just announced their newest portable hardware, the Liven XFM, a 4 track sequenced groove box, which was announced this past week, and seems to be a worthy competitor of the Model: Cycles at 2/3 of the price. It may even be better for some with more OP-1 type of portability in mind due to its battery power, and internal speaker.

It seems like a good compromise of functionality to price that strikes just the right balance between the two, with neat features included known in Volca, Digitone/Model:Cycles, and the OP-1/OP-Z synths. Just wanted to post it up here for anyone possibly considering FM hardware. I think this is worth considering as more demos and reviews become available :slight_smile:

This is the Engadget initial announcement: