Video Camera Suggestions for demos

I thought that this one deserved a new thread. What camera does everybody use or suggest for their gear videos?


I wouldn’t say DivKid or Mylar Melodies look super good, but I’m interested in camera suggestions, too, probably around $300 range.

iPhone and iPad mini. I also have a Cannon digital camera, but it kind of sucks for video as it only records 15 minutes at a time and gets super hot if I leave it on for several segments in a row.

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I use my iPhone currently as well to record with a nicer lens/case combo for a little better picture. I want to get a dedicated video camera that would look better and I wouldn’t have to worry about filling up all of my iPhone storage with each long session. It’d be nice to have multiple camera angles with the video as well.


Lots of people on Canon it seems, Audulus too! Mylar Melodies at one point looked to have a Sony of some kind. Red Means Recording has high quality videos (not modular, but typically stationary) and here’s his gear breakdown, Andrew Huang lists his gear on most YouTube Video posts like this one for rainmaker.
If I were buying now in this price range I’d be very tempted by the Lumix GX85 based on Primal Video’s overview of the major players if you don’t need dedicated mic/headphone ports. DP Review gives it a silver award.