UY Scuti - Tidal Flexing. Audulus 3, Elektron Analog Keys, AE Modular, Korg DS-8


Thanks, looking forward to taking a closer listen.

It could be interesting to have a little breakdown of the gear you used on the various tracks.

Also curious about the mono mix for the album, was there a specific reason for/thinking behind that?

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I hope you like it!

The breakdown for what was used on each track is gonna be too long for me to write out entirely. Collapsar, Trenchwork, and Vulture Nibbles are entirely audulus. The other tracks are a combination of audulus, cubasis, analog keys, ae modular, and DS-8.

I don’t think the mix is entirely mono, but I did record to a Tascam portastudio. From there, I did some post-production in Cubasis to liven things up a bit. My intention was to have a lo-fi “demo” feel. I may revisit these ideas in the future with a more professional recording, but I like the flow of working with he 4-track.


To tape?

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Ha yes, old school!


The old school tape vibe definitely has it’s charm, and (almost) mono also has it’s place as an option, but I’d be curious to hear what a little bit of stereo spacing could do for these tracks – especially the ones with denser textures.

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