Trying to make a sequencer work w/ pitches, etc.? (AKA: I don't know how sequencers work.)


I feel so stupid even asking this…
However: I recently installed VCV Rack (just for the hell of it), and during a tutorial I learned that you can use sequencers for more than just sequencing notes. I’m wondering: how do you do this on Audulus? The most I’ve been able to figure out by exploring and checking the reference guide is that you can sequence a VCO onto one single step (or more, but it’ll have the same pitch). I know I’m missing something here, but I’m just not sure what. I’m trying to try to see if I can make a sequence that doesn’t require like eight separate VCOs to work. Again: stupid question, so sorry in advance if this is super obvious and/or shows up somewhere in the reference guide and I didn’t see it.


Usually a sequencer has a clock input and a stepped modulation output. If you have 8 oscillators, one per step, that kind of implies you have outputs for each step? Feel free to upload relevant VCV screen caps and I can help troubleshoot, translating it into Audulus.

sequence example.audulus (138.9 KB)

Meanwhile, in the above example there are two stepped outputs-- the gate output, which is sent to the envelope generator and the other is the 1/oct (volt per octave or pitch in VCV) signal which controls the pitch. So you get the sequencer to change the note to just one oscillator if you map the sequencer’s pitch output to VPO input.


Okay, thank you! This is just the type of example I needed. Like you pointed out, it’s sort of a mental game, translating what you can do in something like VCV to Audulus.

In the above screenshot, you can see how there are multiple rows to this sequencer, all of which are programmable to change each step, depending on what gets plugged into it. Basically, I’m sort of looking to do this, but with pitch. I think what you have already solves this, though, so I thank you!


Ok, yeah those output a gate on each step, that way you can trigger events on the sequencer’s timeline. Also yeah it’s weird how similar the SEQ-3 is and Citrus Seq are, how you can click on the button below the knob and deactivate the step. They have the three rows of of knobs and the individual step outs, but I put in a quantizer :slight_smile: :musical_keyboard:


Okay, that’s super helpful. Thanks again!