Trying to make a Pan Spread

Hi there!
I’m working on patch where I have 3 oscillators. I would like to have left panning in one of them, right panning in other and leave the last one at the center. The thing is that I would like to control the transition from C to L and C to R of both oscillators with one knob. Making a pan spread effect. Any idea of how I can do it?

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2 osc pan.audulus (27.4 KB)

I made a pan that works like the opposite of the crossfade node. Hopefully that should help you out.


Hey @jjos ,
I think I might have already made pretty much exactly what you described.
Left, Mid and Right Inputs, a 'width’ knob to control the paning of L and R inputs and a Side / Mid knob to control the mix between the side oscillators (L&R) and the mid oscillator. (I use this module all the time :smiley:)

L M R mixer.audulus (15.0 KB)


Oh man thats amazing!!! Is exactly what I needed!!! Infinite thanks!! I owe you a beer!

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