Transport sync iOS

I’m trying to figure out how to sync a clock in Audulus to the transport in AUM but not having much luck. Is this possible?


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Ableton Link and possibly MIDI and AUv3 sync are all planned for a future release. At this point the most effective work around is to link a trigger to a midi note and send regular pulses that way


Yes I just send a midi note from a daw and use it to trigger a reset where needed. You can also sync the Bpm this way.



So, I’m looking for a lightweight (and maybe free) workaround for this. (Send gates in Audulus synced to AUM midi clock.)
I guess the nicest way would be an AU midi sequencer plugin in AUM?
ATOM Piano Roll looks nice, anybody using it?
I’m ok paying a couple box for a good plugin, but I don’t really want to buy an app if I’m not sure it’s working fine for this…

(I should add, my final goal would be to sync the Audio Damage Enso looper audio unit with Audulus and my modular through the ES-8)


I have been reading some fantastic reviews of the feature set included in Bram Bos’ Rozeta Sequencer Suite. I do not have personal experience with the seq app, but I have the Troublemaker bass app, and the Ripplemaker modular synth app, and can speak very highly from experience with that dev’s other work. He or she makes some fantastic AUv3 based apps for iOS.

From what I understand of the app, and what you have asked here, it seems like Rozeta might be just what you need. Check out Bram Bos website here to find out more info about Rozeta Sequencer. There is a setup guide PDF on the website, which explains how to use the app at the bottom of the page. I hope this helps!



Thanks, yes the Rosetta suite looks quite interesting, I’m sure I’ll get it eventually for fancy melody generating.
In the meantime, I went ahead with Atom as I needed something somewhat simpler for just Clock duties.
It works great and with some note filtering in Audulus I can get various Clock signal (16th, 4th, reset, gate high when playing…)
The only thing I’m struggling with now is setting the whole to a specific midi so it doesn’t disrupt other midi sequencing. But it looks like it’s a known bug with the midi node.

Looks like my setup for this week’s jam (TTSH, eurorack with ES-8, Borderland and iPad looping and mixing) will be happening and in sync! :slightly_smiling_face:


Proof of concept, this is going to be fun! :hugs:


I see you have Enso on your iPad there. How do you like it? I am just getting started using my phone, but when I went to get it for the ipad it says I have to buy it again. So I am hesitant. Is it easy and somewhat feature rich?


You shouldn’t have to buy it again. Check in your purchased items list on the phone to see if it shows up as something you purchased. There are sometimes app store glitches where it doesn’t recognize that you already own an app when you are in the main window.


You saved the day @espiegel123! I had to click “today” on the bottom left of the app store, then click my avatar/logo/pic at the top right. Then I went to purchases and I got cued to sign in. (Thought I would share that in case it happens to anyone else)

It’s funny though, I was signed in, just not through that process. Boy oh boy, if there wasn’t google to search for solutions, it would have taken hours and hours to figure that out. I hope both the Windows and Mac OS/iOS programmers are aware of how unintuitive things are becoming. I always thought I was a great intuitive computer user, who could feel his way around the vernaculars. Nowadays, I just search the solution and much of the time I am completely blown away by how hidden and yet just a few clicks away things are. I have to use a Microsoft Surface at work it often baffles me just trying to use the basic email functions! :joy:

  • It’s double crazy because I don’t live in a city and when I go to the city so many things are trying to trick me. Anyone else tend to grab the supreme fuel pump because they paint it in the same colour as the pump to make you think it is the basic unleaded? So crazy.
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Sorry it took me too long to get this, work’s been hectic recently…
I quite like Enso, but haven’t played too much with it yet. The midi controller I had didn’t do CCs so I couldn’t control Enso with it. But hopefully i’ll be soon able to integrate it more in my setup.
Glad you’re able to test it on the ipad, although it should be the same app as the iPhone version?
How do you like it?

As an FYI, normally that extra sign in isn’t required.