The Golden Ratio (why it is so irrational) - Numberphile


Turns out the golden ratio is the MOST irrational number. There is a nice visual proof in this video that reminds me of the Fourier transform video, plus there is some nice subtle electronic music in this one.


So I am listening to your album while working on a vinyl graphic for my compressor project, and I finish it yesterday. Then today you post a video on the golden ratio. Here is the graphic I slapped together yesterday (no knobs pictured, but there are five).

I will post a finished photo when everything is in the box and all of the jacks and knobs are installed…Coincidence??



It’s the only rational conclusion.

I like the graphic, by the way. The icons are the knob labels? I’m guessing the sword is ‘attack.’ The fish is ‘wet’ mix maybe? The sine wave is ‘modulation’ rate or depth. The center of the spiral could be ratio. The tube could be ‘volume.’ I am at a loss for what the moon does.


From top to bottom left to right we have volume (empty cylinder), threshold (sine wave with a line through it to indicate when the compressor engages), ratio just spirals out from the knob and kind of leads to all other knobs, attack is the sword, and the salmon is release.


Very cool! Numberphile is some solid Audulus inspiration in the abstract.