SupaSaw VCO & Standalone Synthesizer

This is an improved verson of the 7even Saws VCO. It adds random detune amounts to the sharp/flat 6 saw oscillators (the “center” oscillator is always in tune). The 7even Saws works by detuning each oscillator a fixed amount, which can sound cool, but at low detune amounts ends up sounding like a saw with a phaser effect. This one is much more timbrally complex and organic, and sounds really unique and fun with very small amounts of detune.

The VCO version is mono and has only one control - super easy! The synth version has a built-in SEM filter and digital VCA with envelopes. If you want to change the filter, just enter the module and swap the SEM one for whichever you’d like. The synth also uses two copies of the VCO to create a stereo image. You can adjust how much they are spread apart with the width control.

Note: If you have more than one of these Saw VCOs in a patch, you might want to consider changing the random seeds. Go into the oscillator blocks and find the “Flux” module. Inside there you can change the seed amount. You’ll also find an Easter Egg if you look closely enough!

SupaSaw VCO.audulus (44.3 KB)

SupaSaw Synth.audulus (168.5 KB)


Going to go ahead and customize mine with this: