Submodule Toolkit

This is a collection of many of the submodules used to build the modules in the library. Submodules are like functions in programming - reusable bits of useful code. Anything I find myself creating more than once I usually turn into a submodule. (89.0 KB)

Over the next few months I will be revising and documenting all of these submodules and creating more for use in your own patches. These submodules will all be fully documented. This means that whatever you create with them will already be mostly documented, and anyone going inside your module will be able to tell how it works.

The only thing left for you to do is document the particulars of your own module.

Documented Submodules

Submodule (138.2 KB) 85 Items


List of Major Changes

  • Audio waves now all start at 0 (or 1 if square).
  • Modulation waves now all start at 0.
  • New Clock Gate converter that starts high for use with clocks.
  • Knobs are easier to align on the smallest grid.
Type Name
Converter Audio to Modulation
\ BPM to Hz
\ Hz to BPM
\ Hz to Octave
\ Hz to Seconds
\ Modulation to Audio
\ Octave to Hz
\ Phasor to Clock Gate
\ Phasor to Saw Audio
\ Phasor to Saw Modulation
\ Phasor to Sine Audio
\ Phasor to Sine Modulation
\ Phasor to Square Audio
\ Phasor to Square Modulation
\ Phasor to Square PW Audio
\ Phasor to Supersaw Audio
\ Phasor to Triangle Audio
\ Phasor to Triangle Modulation
\ Samples to Seconds
\ Seconds to Hz
\ Seconds to Samples
Detector Change Detector
\ Falling Detector
\ Falling Edge Detector
\ Rising Detector
\ Rising Edge Detector
Generator Random Mod Value Generator
\ White Noise Audio
\ White Noise Modulation
Icon 3 Vertical Dots
\ 5 Horizontal Dots
Knob Blue Mini Knob
\ Blue Mini Knob Set Horizontal Left
\ Blue Mini Knob Set Horizontal Right
\ Blue Mini Knob Set Vertical
\ Green Mini Knob
\ Green Mini Knob Set Horizontal Left
\ Green Mini Knob Set Horizontal Right
\ Green Mini Knob Set Vertical
\ Red Mini Knob
\ Red Mini Knob Set Horizontal Left
\ Red Mini Knob Set Horizontal Right
\ Red Mini Knob Set Vertical
Light Any Signal
\ Audio
\ Gate
\ Modulation
\ Poly
\ Stereo Audio
\ Sync
Logic AND & NAND Gates
\ Flip-Flop
\ NOT Gate
\ OR & NOR Gates
\ XOR & XNOR Gates
Modifier Audio Inverter
\ Coin Flipper
\ Gate Skipper
\ Modulation Adder
\ Modulation Inverter
\ Modulation Max Phase Modulator
\ Modulation Phase Modulator
Router Tab
\ Reverse Tab
Switch 2 Input Spigot Switch
\ 3 Input Spigot Switch
\ 4 Input Spigot Switch
Template 2hp Tile
\ 6hp Tile
\ 8hp Tile
\ 10hp Tile
\ 12hp Tile
\ 14hp Tile