Stereo Utility (a module for widening and centering of stereo and mono signals)

Stereo Utility

(verry inspired by Ozone Imager)

I recently discovered, how simple it is to recreate the effect of the Ozone Imager (a pretty awesome and free stereo widening plugin).
All you need to do, to is a little bit mid side processing:
You take the mid signal, delay it a bit, add it to the side signal and voilà you have a super wide and completely mono compatible audio signal (that you can also get from sounds that are completely mono).
Using this simple technique, I build this little stereo utility / widening module.
I also added a (2 pole) high pass filter, that you can use to cut the low-mids from the side signal after the delayed mid signal is added to it.


Input Signal Range Notes
-1 - 1 left and right of a stereo signal

Output Signal Range Notes
-1 - 1 left and right of a stereo signal


Knob Function Notes
Width Attenuates the side signal. It goes from no side signal (results in a mono sound) to making the side signal twice as loud. When the stereolize knob is set to anything but 0, the width knob also adds more and more of the delayed mid signal to the side signal (starting at 50%).
Stereolize Setts the delay that is applied to the mid signal, before it is added to the side signal. (from 1 to 20 milliseconds)
High pass High pass filters the side signal (after the delayed mid signal is added to it).

Version History

Revision File Date Notes
1.0 Stereo Utility.audulus (32.0 KB) 02/02/2021

Excellent utility!