Status of Windows update?

What’s the latest version of Audulus for Windows? It looks like lots of effort is going into iOS and MacOS, but the Windows version hasn’t been updated for long enough that I don’t even know how to find out what the current version is.


Sorry we don’t have an ETA right now. Taylor has actually been doing the bare minimum on Mac/iOS to keep them running on new OSes. The only major difference between the two right now are the built in libraries and the SVGs. Taylor spends most of his days now working on

I know it’s a pain to wait, but it will be updated at some point long before Audulus 4 comes out. There really isn’t much left to do for 3, so you’ll just be getting a bunch of features at once. I know it’s not the best answer of what you’ve been wanting to hear, so I’m sorry. :confused:

and clamped knobs, as I recently found out.

Oh well yeah that’s only in Mac though - it took Taylor like an hour to whip that up.

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Svg and clamped knobs can only be placed on Mac, but you can use patches with them on iOS. They load as empty space on pc.

Updating for metal would seem to be a priority though.

So the Windows version has not been updated since 2016, and doesn’t include the libraries? I assume this means that the ADC/DAC nodes are not available on the pc version? Specifically I’m looking to connect to modular via the es-8 and only appear to be able to utilise two I/Os.

If this is the case then it’s not great that I bought the software today only to find out that it does not have the functionality stated on the website. If I am wrong then apologies for my ignorance.

Any eta on the update as we head towards 2019?


I’m not sure when the update is coming for Windows - I can give you a refund, especially if you primarily got Audulus for the multichannel I/O, or you can wait it out for the update - let me know! just email me with the email you used to make your purchase if you want a refund :+1:

Thank for responding, I have sent you an email but thought I would reply here as well. I don’t mean to sound down on Audulus as I have previously used it in it’s first iteration on iOS and it really is an amazing piece of software. However, I am primarily modular based but with no iOS devices anymore. As the connection with the ES-8 looks like the perfect match I will be watching the updates closely and will jump back on board the moment this is added to the windows version.


Very disappointed having purchased Audulus to use on my Windows laptop to find it not even close to as complete or polished as the Mac/iOS versions I’d seen that prompted me to make a purchase in the first place. Even video tutorials are impossible to follow as obviously they were created on the Mac or iOS version.

Even worse having found this post only to hear it has not been updated since 2016 and you yourself consider the Windows version to be “antique”. Some indication of how incomplete the Windows version is at the point of sale would’ve saved me the money and disappointment.

If a solid ETA could be given as to when the Windows version will reach parity with the Mac/iOS versions I’ll be happy to wait (so long as we’re talking weeks/months (of which I’m not hopeful)).


We’re definitely going to update the Windows version - I’m sorry I don’t have a specific ETA, but weeks/months is likelier than not. In the meantime, I can offer you a free copy for iOS so you could start using it if you have an iPad or iPhone?

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately I don’t have access to an iOS device but am grateful for the offer.

I’ll hang on for the update knowing its definitely in the pipeline. If the Windows update looks/performs as well as the Mac/iOS version it will be worth the wait.

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good to hear that the Windows version will be supported in future. I’m also one of the non-Mac (but iOS) people who like to use big Audulus patches on a powerful workstation.

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