StageLight on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android

On iOS, the initial version of the app has AU support (no AU MIDI support yet). As Audulus is cross platform too, this could be a good pair once Audulus can be used as an AU. This is one of the few apps with such a wide range of cross platform support so it should be able to have good support to fund its development. Perhaps it could eventually help facilitate the introduction of Audulus to a wider range of musicians as well?

You can get a reduced price on the iOS unlock of the StageLight app if you’re willing to give StageLight some information about yourself. You can purchase StageLight store credits to make up the balance of the unlock IAP. In my case I received $5.00 credit for sharing info about myself and ended up needing to buy $9.99 credit for the balance of the $14.99 IAP. After my IAP purchase, I received a $10 StageLight store credit which I can use towards items in the StageLight store. You can also use your StageLight referral link to receive StageLight store credits I posted a short video on how to import sfz files (similar to a soundfont but a text file which refers to your samples) into StageLight.

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